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TROVATI 1998 is a side project by Brian Grech. Buying vintage furniture, clothing and accessories in the past was only possible by visiting small shops or knowing individuals that were willing to sell some of their beautiful belongings. I have purchased various bags, clothing as well as furniture on my frequent trips to Paris, Florence and Rome.


The main intention of TROVATI 1998 is to make buying vintage and pre-owned selected items easier, and very good value (some of the items listed are equivalent to 25% of new items today). Rediscovering luxurious items that are still relevant today. Timeless pieces that can be incorporated in your wardrobe; worn and reinvented in the coming years. The core collections will be pre-owned and vintage, however inspiring items produced today will also be included at some point.


The other purpose of this project is to give life back to beautiful items. Committed to reduce the impact on the planet, reutilising quality items contributes to a more circular economy.


Wabi-sabi reminds us that we are all transient beings on this planet. Nature’s cycles of growth, and erosion are embodied in frayed edges, rust and marks. Through wabi-sabi, we learn to embrace both the glory and the melancholy found in these marks of passing time. The beauty of imperfect imperfection. 


The condition of items on sale is listed in the product details. If you have never purchased vintage before, please be mindful that most items are 20-40 years old and have signs of wear, which make these items unique.

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